Machine construction

Mechanical engineering

We use your drawings and models to manufacture machines and plants for various fields of application. Years of excellent service in the field of mechanical engineering and our extensive manufacturing technology and techniques ensure a reliable and efficient quality to your finished machines and plants.

Here are a few examples of our custom-built machines:

  • Fully automatic plants for producing and printing paper bags
  • Machines for producing tyre carcass plants for passenger car and truck tyres
  • Machines for producing flat and toothed belts 
  • Self-propelled drilling rigs for use below and above ground
  • Transport and conveyor systems for the porous concrete and fibre cement industry
  • Flanging machines for producing plastic cups

Mechanical design and engineering of special machines

Our modern, high performance machining centres are designed to meet your requirements and specifications, thus enabling us to deliver high quality special machines for rationalising production processes, packaging technology systems, transport systems as well as many other areas of application. We will gladly provide you with information about our knowledge and expertise in this area.

Here are some examples of projects which we have conducted for customers:

  • Manufacturing plants for producing concrete sandwich plates
  • Fully automatic packaging system for roofing tiles
  • Fully automatic conveyor systems with several climate zones for preparing and processing synthetic granules
  • Automatic erecting station for side parts of trucks
  • Fully automatic system for ultrasonically testing the material structure of steel tubes
  • Ring-descaling system for the descaling of round forgings
  • Fully automatic system for separating unfinished cast parts from brake and clutch housings